Why are we in this business?

We're in it for The Product

A photograph is the most personalized retail item available to consumers. Not only does Get The Picture Corporation work with our partners to provide the most innovative photography products, but we recognize the importance of customers leaving with a tangible impression of experience within our partners' venues. While maintaining the traditional paper print as our number one seller, we recognize the value in products such as a digital .jpg files that are shared an infinite amount of times on social media. We're constantly adding to our product portfolio to provide our partners with the most innovative photography product available.

We're in it for Our Clients

GTP has been the exclusive photo op vendor at Dutch Wonderland for many years. While the quality of their products and service is important to our guests, as General Manager, I also value the professionalism of their management and the lack of issues we have to deal with. When developing partnerships I look for quality operators who are trustworthy, maintain high standards and support the goals and culture of our organization. GTP meets all of these requirements and I would highly recommend them to any company looking for a photo op partner!
-Rick Stammel
General Manager
Dutch Wonderland
GTP is one of the most professional outfits we work with. What I like about them is that they fool around and have fun but when it comes to doing the job, they are all business. A pleasure to work with.
-Linn W. Moedinger
President CMO
Strasburg Railroad
"We have enjoyed a great partnership with GTP providing innovative photography products to our customers at all 3 of our 3 stores. They have been responsive to our requests and provide excellent customer service. They work closely with our operations teams to help us grow, with an aim to continue to improve profitability and provide win/win solutions."
-Kent McDonald
Director Finance & Operations Retail
Hershey's Chocolate World North American Retail Division
Canadian Niagara Hotels Inc.
GTP Corporation; a picture of success! GTP Corp has worked with Wisp for several years helping us allow our guests to capture and take home their memories. From shots of their little ones in Wisp Kids ski camp to year round shots screaming down our Mountain Coaster, GTP Corp keeps Wisp Photos online and up and running with their 24/7 support and fast turnaround with fixing technical issues and inventory shipment.
-Eric Jacoby
Wisp Outdoors
Children's Programming Manager
It has been a pleasure working with GTP. They maintain a professional approach, provide exceptional customer service and always have the guest experience in mind. Their team consistently looks for ways to improve the partnership and is always open to new ideas. Between operations, management and technology, they can create, implement and execute new projects seamlessly. GTP captures incredible memories so guests can cherish them for years to come.
-Mike Blackman
Retail Manager
As usual, GTP has provided a great experience for our guests and your staff continues to be a pleasure to work with. Our customer survey responses regarding GTP's operation are to say the least, very impressive and I look forward to the continuation of our partnership. It is truly a win-win for our company!
-Bob Serfass
Director of Mountain Adventures
Camelback Mountain Adventure

We're in it for Our Customers

We reflect our clients and we take that responsibility seriously! We provide direct-to-customer support and track our interactions and agent performance through our CRM system. We are proud to have a 95% satisfaction rating-here are some of our ACTUAL customer comments!