Once Upon a Time

In the beginning, GTP Corp used the Polaroid SE-5, a rather large instant camera at fiberglass wave photo sets located on boardwalks along the east coast and at HERSHEY'S Chocolate World. In the late 1980's Ride Photo technology didn't exist. In fact, digital photography didn't exist. Our original systems were a combination of off-the-shelf and custom hardware combined with custom software. It was common for customers to expect us to develop their photo and mail it to them. Imagine their surprise when we handed them their photo in mere seconds! So advanced was this that the manufacturer of our dye-sublimation printers sent representatives from Japan to study our application.

After being told by experts in the field of video surveillance and security that the task was impossible, GTP set out to build and operate the world's first Ride Video system in 1994. We used cutting-edge video crosspoint switches, an array of commercial-grade VHS recorders and a DOS computer running QBasic to control it; even Disney called to ask how we did it. After a decade of selling hundreds of thousands of videos of guests getting soaked on the Canyon River Rapids ride in HERSHEYPARK, we switched to a still photography system in response to customer requests, proving that, while the latest technology is neat, the still photograph was still king.

Leveraging Our Know-How

GTP continues to meet challenges with unique solutions, including:

  • Facial recognition that finds people in a photo and creates a customized product for each customer.
  • Machine Vision and AI to detect empty areas of a photo and add content like illustrated characters.
  • A scalable content delivery system that was eventually spun off into a product photography branch, SKUpics Studios, and sold to Kyvin Studios.
  • A website, logistics system, and custom products used to create and support MyHersheysBar.com

Present Day

Gone are the days of Polaroids and analog video cameras; our Automated Ride Photo systems now use a wide array of state-of-the-art GigE cameras, purpose-built strobes and industrial-grade control systems, all capable of remote monitoring, configuration and support. You can find our rugged and reliable ride photo systems on lightning-fast roller coasters, sub-zero ski resorts and indoor attractions.

After years of set-based photography, we've entered the world of Green Screen photography using our PerfectPose™ system. Deployed with varying levels of technology, the system addresses the shortcomings of traditional green screen systems and introduces many capabilities including real time high-resolution chroma-key, editable layered output, multiple video streams for outstanding customer feedback and remote control via a tablet to smartphone. We've even developed the technology necessary to remove the green screen entirely in favor of an interactive video wall behind the customer.

We introduced our PerfectProduct™ system in 2013 to provide an interactive experience that allows customers to customize branded products with their photo, text, and artwork. Printing is accomplished via a variety of methods including paper or foil over-wraps, custom labels, case inserts and direct-to-product printing techniques. We've gone to market with personalized, boxes, bars, tins, cellphone cases, hockey pucks and many more unique items.

Even our Roaming Photography systems have evolved over time and now feature our CamLNX™ wireless transmitters which do one job and do it well: connect a CamLNX™ to your camera and pictures are transferred automatically into any GTP photo system via our cloud-based architecture. Perfect for using a DSLR with a GTP PerfectProduct™ system, for a lightweight photo system, or for a full traditional GTP roaming photo opportunity. The CamLNX™ can literally send photos to any system from anywhere in the world within seconds.

In order to support our global operations, we now operate our servers in enterprise-class data centers that are geographically isolated to ensure continuous operation of our cloud-based infrastructure. Multifactor authentication, endpoint protection and intrusion detection systems guard our infrastructure and meet or exceed industry best-practices. Client-facing APIs can give our clients deep insights into our processes and data, allowing us to freely share information. We even now offer live support 24/7/365 for our operations; the sun never sets on the GTP Empire.

The Future

Our dedicated staff has decades of experience in all aspects of creating successful personalized keepsake products and guest experiences. GTP takes pride in our versatile management, hardware and software development, product, graphic and facility design and integration and we're working hard to bring emerging technology and innovation to market in ways that provide consistent returns to our clients. Our social sharing platform allows us to easily adapt to new methods of sharing, allowing guests to save and share their photos on their terms while providing quantifiable returns to our clients. Self-service and concierge-style customer interaction, smartphone-based ordering and delivery, facial recognition, RFID and video integration are all well within our wheelhouse and are all part of our future-focused strategy.